Welcome to the official website of author Michele Torrey

People are often amazed that I enjoy writing in various genres and for different age groups. Call it split personality (or call it nuts), but I love writing from both a child’s innocent wonder of life and from a more “adult” point-of-view, pondering the deeper societal questions that don’t necessarily have any pat answers. But whether it’s a funny mystery or a sobering tale of betrayal, they’re all “me” — they represent my voice and a particular aspect of my personality. I’m often asked at what age I started writing, but I think I’ve always been a writer. Author Charles Johnson said it best: “. . . understand that you didn’t choose to write. Writing chose you. You must see creating as your personal passion, as something you are unable not to do. And you know you will do it until the last day of your life.” In fact, I feel most aligned with the universe when I am actively writing; the art of language is embedded in my soul. When I’m writing, the hours fly by, and come the end of the day, I’m pleasantly weary. My writing has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey. I invite you now to share it with me, whether it be through perusing these pages, my blog, or losing yourself in one of my books. Enjoy!

– Michele