The Case of the Crooked Carnival

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“It’s hopeless,” June told Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey. “How can I possibly win? Mom, Dad, Joe, Jay, Joy, Joan, John, Jean, Jane, Jenn, Jeb, Jed, and little Judd Junior will be so disappointed.” As June dabbed her eyes, there arose a rumpus around the booth.

“We have a WINNER!” Shady Jim hollered.

June gasped.

Drake broke the lead in his pencil.

Nell hit the wrong calculator button.

“It’s Baloney!” they all cried. “He  won!”

They’re in business together. Serious business. There isn’t a case that can’t be solved by Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey, the sharpest science detectives in the fifth grade. Are you the victim of a crooked carnival game? Call Doyle and Fossey. Are howling ghosts and ghouls keeping you up all night? You know the drill. Stop wasting time and pick up that phone. After you solve the four mysterious cases in this book, try out the fun activities for yourself. Find your notebook, grab your periscope, and you’re ready to go!

Reviews and Honors

  • Torrey successfully creates a female character whose strength is science; young girls will find a positive, believable model. Readers will laugh at the generous amount of humor.” – The Seattle Press
  • . . . The book is a fast, easy read and fun way to learn about some everyday scientific principles.” – Booklist
  • The Encyclopedia Brown-type characters and short and simple episodes will quickly grab readers, even reluctant ones. . . .” — School Library Journal
  • “Aspiring science detectives and their teachers will welcome the return of these super-sleuths.”Kirkus Reviews

Teacher’s Guide Available!

Click here to download a 45-page supplementary guide to THE CASE OF THE CROOKED CARNIVAL (.pdf). Includes section on the language arts, plus four science units.

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The Case of the Crooked Carnival